The Role of PR in the Education Sector – Post COVID19 Scenario

Snap: Education Services are going for Digital PR viewing the Covid19 crisis. 

Education in India is massive sector, comprising of hundreds of thousands of primary schools, thousand plus colleges, universities, and other institutes of higher education. No wonder, the competition is tough when it comes to attracting the attention of students and parents.

Educational institutions are increasingly warming up to the idea of hiring professional PR firms to ensure that there is a good perception about their institution in the wider public about the quality education they provide.

How PR Helps?

PR firms use different methods to ensure that more and more people know about their school/college/University or vocational training centres. The main role of these firms is to create a great perception in regard to the name of the institute in the minds of the potential students and their parents so that when they are looking for a place to educate their children, they consider the name of that particular institute favourably.

The education sector can benefit a lot by using great PR firms to create a positive impression about their Institute in the minds of the targeted audiences. The public relation has become very important for educational institutes to attract new students, function successfully in the society, improve their brand recognition and also inform the students and their parents what kind of courses they are offering and their fees structure.

What a PR firm does successfully is to improve the visibility of the educational institute so that more people know about it when they are planning for the admission of their children in schools and colleges. PR firms spread the positive image of the institute by stressing about its infrastructure, courses, fees structure, job potential, and so on.

One such example where you will see the PR firms working overtime to attract students is the career fests. Several educational institutes have Educational Public Relation officers who assist students by informing them about various events that are organized on the campuses and also keep in touch with the alumni. Professional institutions like engineering, management and medical colleges aggressive push through innovative marketing activities in which a good PR exercise plays a vital part in attracting aspiring students towards the institute.

A Mix of Traditional and Digital is Important

To spread the word about the institute to a large number of people and create a positive brand image of the institute, PR firms make use of both traditional and modern methods like leaflets, organizing events, news releases, print and digital medium, blogs, using social media and every other channel of communication that allows them to improve the perception of the institute in the minds of the people.

Sharing the online PR for the education industry:

Education-related online releases:

English Dailies

1.The Pioneer
2.The Tribune
3.The Morning Standard
4.The Statesman
5.Asian Age

Hindi Dailies

1. Hindustan
3.Navbharat Times
4.Rashtriya Sahara
6.Amar Ujala

Authored National Article

1. Hindustan Times
2. The Pioneer
3. Dainik Bhaskar
4. Rashtriya Sahara
5. The New Indian Express
6. Navbharat Times
7.The Morning Standard
8. Daily Guardian
9. The Tribune
10. Navodya Times
11. Deshbandhu
12. Haribhoomi

Per article varies between INR 5000 – INR 20,000. Agency fee and content charges are extra.

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