Role of Ecommerce creative and Image editing

E-commerce platforms are the most visited marketplaces. And digital footprint in the top eCommerce platforms is escalating steadily. Competition among brands for being visible on the first search engine result pages is rising forever. As a D2C agency, we have helped many brands to increase their online sales. Our experience says that a sound eCommerce marketing strategy is the way to eCommerce success.  We have strategies that we use to rank our clients on the top result pages. We employ end-to-end services. Our services include everything related to e-Commerce marketing. We have services like eCommerce product listing, ad campaigns, eCommerce creative, eCommerce photo editing, eCommerce SEO, to E-marketplace management. But before you launch into the arena of e-commerce marketing, you have to establish your brand and brand’s website. Fortunately, we have A-Z services for that too.

At DPW we offer end to end creative, editing and marketing solutions

It is a fact that most people visit the brand’s website when they first discover a product on popular eCommerce sites. A well-furnished website is the basic requirement of any brand. It creates a positive first impression in the minds of customers. Our years of experience have given us the expertise to build, manage and rank the website most effectively. Our services include SEO, SEM, Communication, Campaigns, Packaging, Brand Launch, Outdoor, Influencers, PR, Social, Digital, SEO, eCommerce, Sales, Analytics and Performance Marketing. We give you an end-to-end service so that you can build your brand before you go for eCommerce marketing with us.

If you are someone who wants to own a brand that will have its eCommerce website and who dreams to operate in top eCommerce websites then you are at the right place. We do everything at our agency. You can even contact us for rare product photo editing services. Ecommerce operations, eCommerce ad campaigns, online marketing, branding and any other marketing activity need a steady flow of designed images. Communicating with clear and proper photos containing illustrations and designs is important. A marketing campaign can’t last long without proper images.

At DPW you get effective ecommerce photo editing services

At Digital PR World we provide 360 image editing services. We work on e-Commerce creative images, eCommerce photo editing for product images and Amazon A+ content. Image editing services are part of our end-to-end E-marketplace management that also includes eCommerce SEO, ad-campaign management and listing services. Here are the types of images that we work on –

Product Images on popular eCommerce sites – Product images are the point of contact when a person is browsing on an eCommerce platform. These images should be edited in a way that they can attract attention and evoke interest. Top-quality images are used so that buyers understand the quality, dimensions and specifications of a product.

A+ Content on Amazon – Amazon A+ content creatively communicates the product story. It lets the customer dive into the technical specs, product features, and product set-up and product placement. Amazon A+ content is like a storyboard for online advertising that tells a lot about brand values and products.

Images for brand’s eCommerce website – We have worked with numerous brands that not only sell on popular eCommerce sites, they also own their eCommerce platform. We do end-to-end image editing services for them. While managing their online service platform we also worked on their SEO, creative, content, e-commerce listing and PR.

Creative images for e-Commerce ad campaigns – When it comes to discovering products on e-Commerce platforms, ad campaigns play a massive role. No ad campaign can ever be effective without ad-creative. At Digital PR World we emphasise ad creativity. You can contact us for samples and for e-commerce photo editing pricing.

Importance of product photo editing services

Online and e-commerce platforms keep blurting the customers with lots of products but only a small portion of them can stay in their minds and reminiscence. A customer who is browsing an online store is engaging with the basic human senses. Successful marketers are retaining customers by effectively exploiting these senses. But how can images have such a big impact on the audience?

Images Engage – Images are interesting! At first look, it might seem that online platforms only engage people’s visual and auditory senses. But when you look deep into the matter then you will realise that tactile and gustatory senses are also linked to visual and auditory senses. Successful marketers engage all 4 senses with creative images.

Images Express – Images evoke emotions! Colorful illustrations and designed images are easy on our brain as our brain has evolved to understand, engage and remember visually pleasing entities. Every online and e-Commerce platform understands the importance of images and so these platforms have clearly defined requirements related to product images. In reality, Images play a major role in effective marketing.

Images Explain – Images are the closest way a customer can experience, daydream and visualize the product that he wants to order. Images are a great way to communicate and explain the USP of the brand. Images like Amazon A+ content give an entire experience to the audience before the audience ever purchases a real product.

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