PR Campaign Strategy Layers for New Brand- A Draft

PR Campaign STrategies in Digital Space

Covid pandemic has made Digital PR the happening thing among all the businesses. Print PR has gone down a bit (still in demand due to its trust factor) and the demand for digital PR has increased a lot in the last 1 year or so. Earlier also, the concept was there but the focus was mainly on traditional PR activities. Now all the PR attention has shifted to online space in terms of news release, outreach program, reviews, interviews, zoom conferences, industry stories, featured stories, bi line articles, organic PR, print and online mix TML etc.

One big reason to choose digital PR activities apart from SEO, wikipage, social media verification and brand name presence, is that most of the PR agencies wanted to have the ties or retainerships for one long year with certain values which is of course big amount to the small and mid sized businesses. But with digital pr they can choose individual platforms and take baby steps for the publicity and awareness.  In fact they have the liberty to start the campaign and pause the capaign as per the budgets are available.

Now the question is how to start the campaigns? Where to start PR campaign from? – General steps:

Step 1 – Create a basic presence with Wire release like PTI, ANI  + Combo release

Step 2 – Choose Industry-specific TML – online off line Mix and do the needful with the print clippings on website as well. Read the benefits of print clippings here.

Step 3 – Choose Regional coverages each month (see which regions you have the presence) and do the activities for 2 – 3 months – deeper pocket reach is possible with vernacular and localised newspaper release. Here are the reasons why we ask for the vernacular coverages – online and offline both.

Step 4 – Now you have got the presence, choose big National Portals like HT, TOI, Statesman and go for the individual or TML release for Pan India coverage. Now if you want to do Pan India coverage from the initial days, Choose Delhi location release for National Coverage.

Step 5 – See the industry-related online magazines are available, get the coverage done there.

Simultaneously you do the influencer outreach, reviews and social media promotion of the coverage you are getting. These activities will only consolidate the PR campaigns.

PR Strategies for a Regional Brand:

Step 1 – Choose Location-specific release – print + Digital TML

Step 2 – Engage Regional bloggers and influencers

Step 3 – Choose a list of popular online news portals in that region

Step 4 – Choose language-specific Portals, magazines for niche coverage

There is no general package as such in PR. Only platform-specific rates are available. But yes, if we know the industry, the objectives, the TG, we can make a plan for you. And it is advisable that you should do the PR month on month.