Why online PR is important for politicians for 2019 and beyond?

General election is knocking the door and is going to be held in 2019 during March April. Every single political party in India is trying to get the maximum no of votes and thus seats in this election. Some started doing the campaign/promotion, some are already planning the same for coming election.

This time more than 220 seats are going to be influenced by the digital media, more specifically digital PR where content, creative, ad budget, social media, heavy campaign, PR will be involved. Have seen few politicians are personally approaching to agencies to do the PR and promotion in digital space.

Why digital pr for politicians:

  1. Communicate their thoughts and what they are gonna do if they win
  2. Promoting what have done for the society, locality, areas
  3. Its their online voice to reach the new and educated generation
  4. Measuring the brand value of the politician or the parties as a whole and decision making
  5. Cost effective as compared to traditional media yet with max impact
  6. Applicable for both MP, MLA or local body candidate
  7. Can influence the floating voters decision

Tools for online PR for Politicians:

  1. Website/Blog
  2. Content, interviews, webinars
  3. Social media promotion
  4. A very good ad budget
  5. Creative, images, photographs
  6. Listening to the audience and measuring the voice (ORM)
  7. Data insights
  8. Tracking and reporting as whats happening

How we can help you – the KPIs of digital PR:

  1. The engagement rates – likes, shares, comments
  2. Tracking the negative comments and addressing the same
  3. How traffic is building to your digital asset
  4. What influencers are talking about you.