Top 4 reasons why you put effort and resources for great product packaging design

Packaging isn’t just a protective layer over your product; it is a part of product that makes the product memorable. Packaging can educate and inform users about the product as well. You can either design the packaging as a single use covering or a package that compliments the product and stays with it during its lifetime. A product packaging that lasts up to multiple uses, reminds the user about the brand more than ones. Creative Packaging engages the user to interact with it before accessing the product, and modern brands try to make this interaction as memorable as possible. Packaging should have multiple aims beside protection and usability. It should be attractive, educational and memorable. As a packaging design firm in India we believe you should package your product to get the maximum out of it!

Types of packaging designs that every brand should muse on!

Minimalistic Packaging – Modern advertising world continuously bombards people with bright colours and complex patterns, and yet there are some of us whose eyes stay on simplistic packaging that look elegant. Minimalistic packaging with right combination of colours and typography can capture attention. If you believe simplicity is sophistication, then minimalistic packaging is for you.

Experiential Packaging – From watches packaged inside water pouch to project the waterproof nature of watches to strawberry flavoured jellies inside strawberry-shaped package, experiential packaging attracts, engages and amazes customers in multiple ways. The opposite of minimalistic packaging, experiential packaging are sophisticated in nature.

Functional Packaging – Functional packaging is designed to provide utility to consumers while they are interacting with the product. A packaging that seamlessly incorporates a handle or a strap to carry around the product is an example of functional packaging. Other designs include transparent windows in cookie boxes to help consumers look inside or packaging in form of lock packet that ensures that consumer can use it as a container.

Sustainable Packaging – If you want your brand to tell the story of staying rooted with nature then you can go for sustainable packaging where the packaging is made of sustainable material. A secondary-usage packaging is also sustainable packaging where the package is not thrown away after a single use. With sustainable packaging, you can address the matter of the current global packaging crisis.

Invisible aspects of a visually pleasing product packaging!

Packaging is correlated with brand value – Premium packaging positively affects the perception of the users, a shabbily packed product turns them off. Behavioral research shows people are ready to offer high prices of products when they perceive them as premium. People form a mental model about the brand when they see a premium product packaging.

Packaging communicates Brand Voice – Packaging gives your product a personality. Typography, colours, and appearance can define your brand’s tone of voice, be it humorous, or be it inspiring, you can evoke various emotions in the minds of your consumers. Your brand’s colour and voice can have a Positive and inspiring vibe, strong and aggressive vibe, proud and exclusive, or an elegant and sweet vibe. Packaging can help your product stand out in the shelf full of various other products.

Clarity and Authenticity – If the word “organic” is mentioned in your packaging then you must have a standard certification for that. It is true for any other quality or specification that needs to be verified by certified agencies. Certification should back the branding that can build trust among the customers.

Packaging can tell Brand Story – With packaging you can differentiate visually. No two brands has the same story and so every brand can tell its story through packaging. Packaging provides a huge surface area to show creativity and storytelling abilities.

At DPW you get the best product packaging design in India!

At Digital PR World we help D2C brands to create attractive packaging for their product. We have a team of packaging designers who design the product packaging according to best industry practices. Being a D2C marketing agency we understand what it takes to sell a product online and we firmly believe that packaging plays an integral role in the big picture. If you are searching for a packaging design agency in India that can communicate your brand voice and brand value in the best possible way then you are at the right place. Here are some of the packaging that we have worked on: