Take your business in an upward direction with the help of SEO, it helps your business to boost its revenue and growth, and increase website traffic. With our e-commerce SEO services and Experienced team, your website will rank higher in search results and gets more traffic on the website.

The more keyword you use to successfully target, the more qualified customers will click on your products, and in turn, you’ll see an increase in conversions and revenue.

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  1. Conducting Thorough SEO Audits.
  2. Technical SEO Services.
  3. On Page SEO Implementation.
  4. Schema Implementation.
  5. Outreach activities
  6. Digital PR signals
  7. Making Content Engaging.
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization.
  9. Off Page SEO Implementation.
  10. Detailed Reporting.


  • Increase Visibility, Increase Sales & Expand Your E-commerce Business
  • Smart Ecommerce keyword research
  • Highly experienced ecommerce SEO team
  • In-depth technical audit
  • Power of content marketing
  • Dedicated project manager


Onpage SEO.

  1. Page by Page SEO – For small to medium sized websites (sometimes done for the important pages only)
  2. Structural SEO – For large websites

Structural SEO is about implementing the SEO changes in a structural format that would follow through the similar cluster of pages and subsequently cover the entire website.  Structural formats should follow through the Homepage, Category, sub-category and Product pages which will make a stronger SEO foundation for the site. Structural SEO is suitable for:

  1. Ecommerce websites
  2. Enterprise websites
  3. Big Brands having numerous pages (high chance that no of pages will increase)
  4. Forum based websites
  5. Portal type websites like Gaming, Travel, Films etc
  6. Any website having a cluster of similar pages

For Ex: Ecommerce websites does have the following structure:

So it is important to optimise each of the categories, subcategories and the product pages. How this is been implemented:

  1. Structural SEO is not implemented manually as it is nearly impossible to implement in all 1000 webpages say.
  2. Developers help is being taken while implementing the entire process.
  3. SEO associate will guide developer as how to make changes in the code so that a specific structure gets implemented across a specific segment: Say in all the product pages.
  4. Once implemented, the title of the product pages would look something like: Product name – subcategory – category – Brand/Generic Keyword
  5. Even if any product page is added later on, the same architecture would get uploaded following the aforesaid structure.
  6. The idea is that all the pages will follow a particular hierarchical structure.

The benefit of implementing Structural SEO for ecommerce websites: 

  1. Semantic Details helps Search engine in finding related set of content across the website.
  2. PR flow increase the page rank of the inner pages even thus help in popping up in search result. The power centre structure permits PR to be distributed in ways that benefit both the long tails and the category level targets.
  3. More and more pages will appear in the search results (with different combinations of keyphrases) thus having a chance of more conversions.


SEO for Ecommerce is no easy task. Ecommerce websites have huge product inventories that keep changing from time to time. The meta data for them needs to be constantly updated and that added with any new updates by Google, may lead to quite a difficult situation at times. If you need a trusted partner to take care of SEO for your ecommerce site then MicroPyramid is the right choice for you!


Search Engine Optimization is vital for the success of any website. For ecommerce sites, it becomes even more important as websites play a very important role during a product purchase cycle. Here are some key statistics that prove the same:-

  • 49% of customers begin searching for a product online, this of-course is the first step of the product purchase cycle
  • 79% of customers click on organic search results to view details of a product
  • 2 in 3 teens make their purchases online, in fact they often use their mobile phones to make the purchase
  • 79% of shoppers who end up dissatisfied with the buying experience on an ecommerce site, say that they are less likely to purchase from the same site again
  • Mobile searches have led almost 51% of people to discover new brands online or buy something that they weren’t planning to in the first place

These key statistics show that SEO of your ecommerce website and mobile site is a must to ensure you reach the maximum customers and retain existing ones. At MicroPyramid, we have the right set of talent to take care of all your SEO needs.

Ecommerce Monthly SEO Plans and Pricing Details
Starter ecommerce SEO Package Popular ecommerce SEO Package Growth ecommerce SEO Package
Keywords 75+ 100+ 150+
Onpage SEO Yes for full website Yes for full website Yes for full website
Guest Posts/outreach 3 5 7
Content (product/blog) 3000 words 4000 words 5000 words
Standard Backlinks 5 10 15
Google my Business and Map Yes verified Yes verified Yes verified
Technical SEO Suggestion and implementation Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes
CRO Yes Yes Yes
SEO Package Monthly Pricing INR 18,000 INR 22,000 INR 26,000
Ecommerce SEO and Sales Growth Case Study: One of the Tea Brands in India:

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