Noon Ecommerce  marketplace Account Management Services:

In this digital era, many retailers have registered themselves with online marketplaces such as Noon. On one hand, the digital space allows these vendors to reach thousands of customers across the country. On the other hand, the marketplaces offer service models exceptionally designed to help small sellers achieve more from a little investment.

E-commerce in the Middle East is developing at an incredible rate. Noon is a reputable marketplace with the most significant number of online sellers and various products available.


To be a seller on Noon, you need to have a trading license and register here in Egypt, UAE, and KSA. Once you get your consent, you must create an account on, submit all the documents as per the company’s need, and pay a token amount called noon seller fees.

The documents that you need to submit at times of registering yourself is such a platform are mentioned below:

  1. Commercial Registration or trading license
  2. Residence ID or passport
  3. Proof of purchase
  4. Letter from distribution authorization or a manufacturer certificate or permit
  5. Residence Visa for non-nationals
  6. VAT certificate
  7. Once all such documents are submitted, you must wait a week for the noon support team to work over it, cross-verify the information, and provide noon seller training to run the platform vividly.


Once the account is activated or live, you need to give bank details to receive the payments in terms of sales and purchase of the products in real-time. For that, you need to provide details like

  1. Bank account number
  2. Swift code
  3. Bank branch
  4. The legal name of the company
  5. Iban
  6. Cancelled check with legal company name, IBAN, and bank account
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