You decided to join the great Amazon marketplace and found yourself struggling in the competition. You have been dedicated to growing your business since day 1. Still, it seems that your competitors are always ahead and out of reach. You tried figuring out what you might’ve missed or lacked in, but everything seems all over the place.

You might feel like it’s all over for you, but don’t fret so early! There is a dedicated person who can help when you feel like you can’t manage your account independently. It might be a sign that you need some help from an Amazon marketplace account manager.

Who Is An Amazon Account Manager?

The Amazon account manager can help you set up, plan, and execute a successful Amazon eCommerce campaign. The professional will assist you with any questions you may have about your Amazon account and will provide you expert advice. The manager sets a strategy and assists you in reaching your goals after you discuss your business objectives.

Amazon account managers typically can supervise 8-10 accounts. That figure was established by taking into account the account manager’s capacity to focus on each account while also ensuring that they can assist you in meeting your business objectives.

The Advantages Of Employing An Amazon Account Manager

Assists You In Avoiding The Learning Curve
Always Assists You In Growing Your Company
Finds Custom-Tailored Solutions For Your Business Problems

Major work for one account manager with DPW team:

  1. Seller Support Communication
  2. Returns Management
  3. Advertisement Sponsored Ads
  4. Coupons Runs
  5. SALE Participation
  6. Keywords Research and Updations
  7. Claims Handling
  8. FBA participation and arrangements
  9. Account Health and Performance Management
  10. Amazon Branding Buy Box maintenance
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