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DPW offers a comprehensive eCommerce journey for sellers, helping you with everything from product listing to achieving your first sale. With their strategic and proven methodology, you can rest assured that you’ll have the support you need to thrive on the AJIO Marketplace.

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  1. Ajio Seller Account Management Company
  2. Setting up an Ajio Seller account.
  3. Ajio A+ and/or Enhanced Brand Content.
  4. Ajio Stores Setup.
  5. Registering your brand On Ajio .
  6. Completing Brand Approval Procedure.
  7. Product listing on Ajio .
  8. Optimise your list for the Ajio search engine for better visibility.
  9. Inventory management of products on Ajio .
  10. Order Management.
  11. Advertisement Management on Ajio .
  12. Marketing services of products.
  13. Photoshoot if required.
  14. Overall Ajio Account Health
  15. Customer Support and a lot more

Call us at 9674975029 for AJIO account management services.