SEO professionals are crazy for high-quality (high DA high PA) authority back-links to improve the target page with target set of keywords. Without backlink also SEO ranking and sales are possible (email me will share the strategies) but in general you need a constant flow of high DA link.

Where do we find high DA backlinks for SEO?

Major sources are:

  1. Bloggers outreach and backlink
  2. Link exchange – 2 ways and 3 ways
  3. PR link with sponsored PR (paid PR mainly)
  4. Influencers social signals
  5. Link from QnA sites

How does SEO work? What are the pillars of SEO?

  1. Website UI and UX – the design and navigation part to be very precise – UI depends on the stage of the business
  2. Responsiveness and very low loading time – say in 2/3 seconds your webpage is opening
  3. USPs, then keywords based on USPs or the business positioning
  4. Content based on target set of keywords
  5. Promotion – mainly content marketing + creative and copies (cheeky, interesting, mischievous etc)
  6. High DA authority links (do follow and no follow both okay till anchor is contextual)

Digital pr and SEO:

In recent times high-quality link building has shifted to PR activities. Whether it is bulk PR with wire release or single PR release in English or vernacular language. SEO companies and professionals from the last few years exploring this link-building opportunity. But since the PR release is a bit costly, thus it is meant for mid to large business types who are executing SEO strategies for business growth.

PR and seo working together:

PR influence SEO + PR coverage link itself ranks in SERP (if the strategy is implemented well) influencing the referral traffic flow. More traffic and clicks influence the SEO of the target page.


  1. Include PR release – online + print into your digital promotions
  2. Add outreach activities (great PR indeed) to your digital plan
  3. See how you can increase the no of reviews over google, ecommerce platforms for better trust
  4. Push content, thought leadership article on social platforms
  5. Invest in SEO for better website and brand discovery
  6. Invest on user-generated content especially videos
  7. We developed a holistic digital marketing package here

Sponsored PR Release: One link and great for SEO value.

Hindustan times: 17000
Livemint: 20000
The week: 17000
India today : 27000
Outlook: 14000
The tribune: 11000
The telegraph: 12000
Mid day: 9000
Dna: 15000
Abp news: 17000
Decan chronicles+asian age: 15000
Decan helard: 11000
Zee business: 19000
The Hindu: 35000
Digital PR (High DA) and SEO Plan Sample Strategy: