Digital PR Package for Small Businesses

We are a PR and Digital Marketing Agency in India helping businesses and brands to do PR (online and print) and digital marketing services to reach out to the target audience. If required we help companies and brands in creative writing for the PR + creative services also. Please find below quick packages to start PR and digital marketing exercise. We have custom package for PR and Marketing depending on the business categories and goals.

Online PR helps in creating brand awareness among the masses and this isn’t a myth. Smaller organizations find it a great means to convey their message, vision, and name more effectively. It can make or break their image through the initial phases of growth. However, the larger organizations have their brand identity to fall back on during trying times. This brand value keeps their presence felt by the buyers and followers irrespective of the ill-conceived stunts that they play out in the public.

Find the 4 small business PR packages below:

  1. For bulk release with Wire network like PTi or ANI – 18,000 + tax for 100 + pr coverage.
  2. Edtimes + UNI – 60+ PR links – INR 11,000 + tax at 18%.
  3. Free press journal + lokmat times + Ahamdab mirror + first india & 60+ Only 8000/- + tax extra
  4. Up18+50 website for normal news INR 8000 + tax