Machine learning applications in Ecommerce website

The funda of machine learning in Ecommerce website/portal:

It is important to do customer profiling and repeat sales at the same time. So you can do better analysis as in

  1. Which customer is discount centric
  2. Who likes green teas very much (tea we have taken for an example since we built one of the classic Ai based ecommerce website for a tea company in India)
  3. Who likes the combination of ice and green teas
  4. To present a better personalised web layout (the banners, recommendation engine, discount modules etc)
  5. The shipment procedure (2/3 shipment companies put together and system can choose automatically given the pincodes and service areas of the courier companies) – manual work lessen, and better dispatch experience for the customers
  6. Discount modules – all automated
    1. Normal
    2. Conditional
    3. Combo offers
    4. Returning Vs new customer discount

While implementing the AI or machine learning techniques for a tea company, we decided to do a right customer profiling by means of cookies tracking (ip, latitude longitude, location based information etc) so we can do better up sale to the same customer. Specially in case of tea, this FMCG product is required on a monthly basis. So better targeting, engagement and personalised experience will give you monthly sales for sure.

Customer aquisition is one of the challenging task in this overwhelming digital ad world. Thus once you acquired a customer, you would like to sale more to her so to optimise the profits per customer.

Machine learning or AI based ecommerce solution is all about tracking the customer and keeping the customer data in some database to understand the pattern and the behavior of the customer. Of course for that you need server, hosting, good ai developer and so on. With the technological support + some marketing logics, you can build your own AI or machine learning based ecommerce website. 

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