The richness of the art and handicrafts of Assam beautifully reflects the bountifulness of its culture. The craftsmen here have long perfected the art of creating wonderful objects from very ordinary products. The craftsmen make several handicrafts apart from the famous silk fabric and cane and bamboo products. Different regions of Assam are known for their different forms of art and handicrafts.

Over the past few years, Ecommerce sites have opened many new doors for the businesses that opted to expand. In the meantime, it has pushed many retail chains out of the business that didn’t want to evolve with the changing times.

The following products have great demand over the ecommerce platforms and thus we see the scope to promote them and slaes them across.

  1. Pottery
  2. Bamboo and Cane Articles
  3. Metal Crafts
  4. Toys
  5. Masks
  6. Jewellery
  7. Handlooms


Undoubtedly, online platforms have much to offer to both the customers and the sellers. The compulsion brought by the pandemic forced people to try the exciting online tools and it broke their psychological barrier forever.


With vast opportunities available online you no longer need to worry about not having a store in big markets. You no longer need to feel bad if you don’t have a shop at Seth Srilal market or Mahabirsthan. You just need an amazon business listing and Flipkart listing to get many times more customers at the click of a button.

Amazon and flipkart have come a long way from being alienated, then being trendy and now being normal for every one of us. Brands searching for customers online can approach professional agencies like flipkart account management agency or amazon listing company that can assist them to promote, advertise and most importantly sell their products.

Apart from ecommerce management, a good ecommerce management agency would always consult you in clarifying your product value to your customers. They will help you communicate properly through attractive product descriptions and bullet points. They will help you get your product on the top of search pages. But like every other business strategy, digital marketing strategies need a specific amount of time to ramp up your sales. A well-planned strategy yields a lot more than the amount of time spent in framing them.


We have clients in Tripura who own handicrafts businesses. We have done multiple Ecommerce campaigns for them. We have a dedicated wing that handles e-commerce listing and helps to integrate Ecommerce operations with the rest of the marketing campaign. Ecommerce listing services involve listing in prominent e-commerce sites like amazon business listing and Flipkart listing.

There are a host of other services that go hand in hand like SEO services for Ecommerce websites, amazon PPC management and amazon A+ content services in the case of Amazon. Flipkart has its own sets of operations and flipkart account management is handled by our team at the Digital PR agency.

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Below are the accounts we have managed for Amazon India: