How Does PR Play a Role in the Hospitality Industry?

While it can be said without any fear of contradiction that every type of industry loves to have a positive perception, it is more so for some than others. One such industry where good PR plays an important role in bringing in more customers is the hospitality sector. As this sector is totally service based, it helps it massively if the industry can create a good PR to tell their story and create a positive perception about it in the mind of people. The reason why good PR is so important for the hospitality industry is due to the fact that it helps to shape a favourable image of a hotel, locale or even a country. A PR exercise is said to be successful when it can create a desire to travel to a place on which the PR exercise is focusing.

A successful PR campaign in Indian context

If we look at successful PR campaigns that have improved the overall image of a place, then we can look at two big campaigns, one that was run locally and the other that was promoted both locally as well as internationally. These are the Vibrant Gujrat and Incredible India campaigns.  If we look at the end result of the Incredible India campaign, then we see that it increased the tourist flow to our country by an astounding 266 percentage. Similarly, the Vibrant Gujrat campaign which was launched 7 years ago is still giving the state of Gujrat an annual growth of tourist arrival by over 17 percent.

The direct benefit of a successful PR campaign in this Industry

When a successful PR campaign is conducted for the hospitality sector, then it has several tangible benefits and also intangible ones.

Tangible benefits:

  • Increased room occupancy
  • Increased footfall at the tourist destination
  • Increased employment in the hospitality sector
  • Increase earnings of foreign exchange
  • Growth in the local economy due to multiplier effect

Intangible benefits:

  • Improved perception of a place
  • Improved brand value

Use both the traditional and digital media for getting amazing results

When you are looking to not only increase your reach but also the effectiveness of your campaign, then a balanced mix of traditional PR and digital PR is a must. For instance, you can give out press releases or organize events along with digital campaigns on social media to create the perception that you planned in the first place. But that’s not all. There are more ways in which traditional and digital media can be combined to gain a competitive edge. When you connect with us, we can help you explore all those channels and give your hospitality business the growth it deserves.