Amazon Flipkart SEO and Listing Optimisation Services

Starting an eCommerce business on Amazon India is easy. You need to finalize a product you want to sell and list it on the marketplace with sufficient product description and competitive pricing. And voila! But that is just reaching your goal halfway. The last half depends completely on selling your product successfully with sufficient profit margin; not to mention the order fulfilment and customer support when necessary. 

You can fairly understand that the last half is not a cakewalk. You need lots of tradecraft and expertise regarding winning the prospective customers and turning them into revenue. There comes the magic of SEO and optimizing listing on Amazon India marketplace for your product category. 

What is the secret for Amazon Flipkart SEO? 

Well, to be honest, there is no secret. You can just go to “SEO guide for new sellers” on Amazon India and do it yourself whatever is mentioned. It’s fool-proof. Some of the tips are well known and well documented; like, 

  • knowing your target audience 
  • Knowing your target keywords wisely 
  • Using your targeted keywords judiciously 
  • Having extensive social media interaction 
  • Posting the possible visually attractive product listing 

You must have already known all these pointers as a businessman or a budding entrepreneur. The only question is can you do all these on your own, at least sufficiently, and at the same time manage other responsibilities of a seller. Being an Amazon India marketplace seller your plate is already full. You have to source products; keep the supply chain smooth; manage finances – just to mention a few. Amazon India SEO and optimizing listing on the marketplace are full time responsibilities requiring dedicated human efforts. 

We are here for you. 

You are not the first Amazon India sellers for whom we are managing these responsibilities successfully. Our experience and expertise have been tested and trusted. You can rely on us just like many other successful Amazon India sellers doing business with us. Reach us and feel free to discuss your requirements. You will be happy to listen to us.

Scope to improve the amazon flipkart SEO for the SKUs:

  1. SKU title
  2. SKU features, bullets
  3. Product Description
  4. A+ Content
  5. The naming of the Images (alt tags)

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